Believe it or not it has been 16 years since Bay opened its door for the first time! It has been an incredible journey with all our lovely customers coming over the years and whether it is our regular ones that we might see a couple of times a week or the ones from further afield that pay a visit to us when out and about in the beatiful Clontarf we have always enjoyed the ambiance & vibe that you have helped us to create while dining at Bay. It has been an absolute pleasure serving all these wonderful local people as well as people from all around the world and we do enjoy every single positive moment we manage to create to make your experience as memorable as possible. On behalf of all the team at Bay we would love to express our thanks and gratitude for all your support and loyalty in the past 16 years! In health & well-being Sinead & Niamh Costello all at Bay

PS: Watch our video from our last summer when we celebrated the big 15!