Healthy tasty recipe for home

Too hungry to make dinner that takes about half an hour or more to prepare? Or is it already too late at night to eat something heavy? Looking for a low calorie, nutritious & delicious fish meal or just simply want to stay in shape for the summer? Follow our straightforward recipe and get your dinner on the table with in less then 15 minutes..

For one portion you will need: 150 - 200 g hake or cod , 100 g of fresh baby spinach leaves, 50 g of green beans, 1 handful of sun-dried tomatoes,organic veg stock and a soup spoon of garlic butter.

Put your sea salted fish fillets in 150 degrees heated oven while using a wok pan stirring the green beans, garlic butter and cut sun-dried tomato.Stir slightly before adding your spinach baby leaves. Keep stirring till the spinach gets wilted and all the juices & flavours link together. Don't forget to check your fish regularly to avoid overcooking it. Serve together..

Don't forget to let us know how it went..

From all at Bay restaurant in Clontarf 

Bon appetit ..;-)

Published on 16 June 2015 | Back to June Articles