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Perhaps a little more calorific for this time of year when most of us are thinking of the same goal - how to get our body "beach friendly", but If you are having a cheat day from your carbs free diet, or simply love pasta looking to impress your friends coming to your place for dinner ( without having to slave over the cooker for hours) , then you are at the right place as here you are just one step away from finding an easy recipe for one of our most favorite pasta dishes we have ever had on our menu -

Chicken & tiger prawns linguine with tarragon & white wine sauce. Enjoy and let us know how it went ;-)

Serves 4 - 6 ppl

Ingredients :

500 g tiger prawns

400 g chicken breast

1 kg linguine

2 l cream

200 g onions

20 g garlic

100 ml white wine 

1 tea spoon of nutmeg

10 g fresh tarragon

50 g parmesan 

salt & black pepper


Chop and pan fry onion & garlic adding half of the fresh tarragon and nutmeg.Once the onion is cooked add white wine and keep cooking till 3/4 of it evaporates and then add cream, veg bouillon and rest of the fresh tarragon while reducing it.Cut the chicken in strips and pan fry it in a separate pan adding the tiger prawns at the end of frying.When finished frying put all in one pan. Add the rest of the cream and cook till reduced by half.Add cooked linguine and toss. Shave a parmesan cheese on top and serve together.

Bay appetit...

Published on 7 May 2015 | Back to May Articles