Chicken liver pate

Missing our chicken liver pate on our a la carte menu

Well, since our head Chef Foued is such a sharing-caring person he would love to share his recipe with all those of you who have been asking :-) 

For approximetly 200 grams of pate you will need:

80 g chicken liver, 6 g salt, 10 ml madeira wine,10 ml port wine, 20 g onion, 0.5 g thyme, 0,1 g garlic,5 ml cognac, 24 g eggs, 80g butter,

0,6 g black pepper, 10 g pistachio, 1 g lemon zest, 0,5 g cinamon


Mix onions, garlic, thyme, black peper and pan fry all together until soft. Then add cognac, madeira wine and port wine and cook until evaporated. Blend the liver until smooth and add the onion mix. Add pistachio, eggs, orange zest and then melt the butter in it. Put it in a baking tin and bake in bain-marie with your oven set to 150 degrees, keep there until set and take out when the temperature of the pate reaches 65 degrees. Let it cool and serve with a toast or crackers - remeber if you are looking for a proper homemade bread we have always some freshly baked in stock and you can choose between white, brown or coeliac only 3 euro per leaf :-)

Have fun & enjoy

PS: Don't worry if you fail, we are puting it back on the menu soon ;-)

Published on 27 August 2015 | Back to August Articles